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Let’s read together! I read on average about 5 books a month, which will probably slow down now that it’s summer and I don’t have to sit in the school car loop line for hours at a time. In all those books, here’s what I’ve learned about my preferences and what I enjoy most: -historical fiction that makes me bawl my eyes out -romantic comedies that rival a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan/ Rachel McAdams/ Ryan Gosling mash up of sap, tears, partner matchup improbabilities, and a quirky best friend.    And they’re all stupid attractive (it’s my brain, I can picture them any way I’d like, right?). -gory, horror, absolutely no way the paranormal activity in these books could happen.    Stephen King is my favorite. That doesn’t mean this is all I read, I’m definitely up for new recommendations any time!    Non fiction is a hard sell for me, but I’m open! I also like to picture actors to play the main characters on screen if the book were ever made into a movie. I usually get a good feel for who I think i
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On the Hunt: Mascara

I wore DiorShow and DiorShow Blackout for YEARS.     Then they changed the it seems to never dry and smears on my eyelids throughout the day, so I’m on the hunt for a new fav! I decided to try out 5 mascaras (all in Black or Blackest Black) that I keep seeing everywhere. As a (self proclaimed) mascara expert aficionado, I put them to the test!   I was looking more for volume, but a bit of extra length was a plus too. First up, this one seemed to be a lot of people’s holy grail: Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High ($8.99 Target) Pros for me - Looks natural, lengthens nicely, buildable for more length/volume  Cons for me- Flimsy wand (I like a wand that doesn’t bend, but some people don’t!) Overall - Pretty dang good! 4.5/5 L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise ($8.99 Target) Pros for me - Sturdy, big wand, only needed one coat, grips lashes well  Cons for me - VERY thick, can clump easily Overall- Eh, it’s ok.  A little spidery for me! 3.5/5 L’Oréal Telescopic  ($8.69 Targe

Keto- Aldi Edition

Come to Aldi with me!  No, really let’s be shopping buddies. No one quite does low prices and quality foods like my beloved Aldi (I have grocery bags from the 90’s, y’all- talk about sustainability!) Now that I’m on the Keto train again, I wanted to share my favorite little buddies that keep my tummy happy, my family annoyed at how much I talk about carbs, and my wallet heavy! Here’s the only math equation I’m good at: Total carbs - Fiber = Net carbs I try to eat around 26g of carbs a day.  If something has a serving size of more than about 5g net carbs, I’m Audi 5000. Ok, let’s goooooo! Parmesan Crisps .  Yep.  That’s it.  I pair them with macadamia nuts for a snacky, fat bomb treat. Net Carbs - 1g (0g fiber) Nuts on nuts on nuts. Satisfies a crunch and pack a healthy fat punch. Southern Grove Wasabi Soy and Hickory Almonds Taste exactly like the name brand ones 👀 Net Carbs -2g / 3g (5g fiber) Simply Nature Raw Cashews, Walnuts & Macadamia Nuts Net Carbs - 4g (2g fiber) Southern